What to Do When Stranded at an Airport (Hint: Free Booze)

Soon I will be traveling. So, naturally, the news is plastered with horrifying traveling mishaps. Horrifying ...

Let’s Not Go Take a Hike! (Or Why Clothes are Your Friend)

The people of Arizona love to hike. Love it. My fellow zonies are into it ...

Planking Hysteria –

What do you know about planking?  If you are uninitiated, this is ...

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Chin Up, Grasshopper

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Airline Seats and The Last Donut – What You Need to Know

 Airline seats should not recline. They just shouldn’t.  Because it never fails, when I’m crunched in my little tiny, inhumane seat, the person in front of me RECLINES in theirs, making me crunch into an even smaller unhappy ball.  I don’t like it, makes me twitchy. Yes, they have every right to recline in their seat, but that doesn’t mean they should.  […]

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Quote for the Week

“What is it about a beautiful sunny afternoon, with the birds singing and the wind rustling through the leaves, that makes you want to get drunk?” ~ Jack Handy

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Get Sloshed While Getting Botoxed, Win win!

Come on, be honest.  Do you like to party the night away (because I have heard me some stories)? And do you sometimes think your nose is too big/too small/too whatever? And do you think that this woman: Jocelyn Wildenstein = Gold standard in obtainable perfection* THEN YOU ARE IN SO MUCH LUCK! Friday, June 24, at some hotel in […]

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More Proof Your Cell Phone is Trying to Kill You

I do hope you are not reading this on your cell phone right now. If you are, this woman: says you might be deforming yourself. She is Kirsten Lord and she is the Managing Director of the Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre. Sounds so British-y! Anyway, Kirsten worries that we (that includes you) are leaning over our phones/laptops/computers/ipods […]

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Bon Jovi. B.O.N.J.O.V.I. Bon Jovi.

Yay Sukanya Roy!  I do love whiz kids.  (Even if they do make me feel like a giant, retarded dummy. Cymotrichous? Whatever.) Winning moment = 4:15

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iKidney = iPad

 So this is Xiao Zheng. He is a 17-year-old kid that lives in China.  A few weeks ago he disappeared for a short while before suddenly returning home.  With him, he had a shiny new iPad and a shiny new iPhone.  Curious because he (apparently) doesn’t have the means to pay for either. His suspicious mother pried for details.  Where, […]

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Smoking, it does a baby good

So I’ve got another tabloid outrage for you to outrage about. This one comes from The Daily Fail. We have: A scandalous picture: And a scandalous quote: I wasn’t ready to give up smoking. I think if I’d given up straight away, the stress would have been more harmful to the baby. Scandalous Smoking Pregnant Mom is named […]

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The Day After Three Day Weekend – Feeling a tad puffy today

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Yard work is for hooligans

Let’s go over, once again, why yard work is not a good idea. Ever. This is James Green. He lives in Maine which is probably very leafy. While doing yard work with something called a backpack leaf blower (no idea what this is, don’t care), he put his cell phone in his back pocket. While James was making his […]

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